Defining an Empath, or WHY DO I FEEL YOUR FEELS

Tru's Diary

Hello, creatures.

You may have noticed in my bio-thing (if you read it) that I mention something called an empath. You might be asking, “Tru, what the fudge are you even talking about here?” Well, here we go. This is my super speedy explanation of empaths, organized just for you.

Empathy vs. Empaths: All people feel empathy. It’s a natural, biological thing that allows us to relate to beings all around us. When someone is hurt, we say, “Oh, man, I’m so sorry!” and try to comfort them because we know how much their situation would suck or because we care about the person. Empaths have an extreme, amplified sense of empathy to the point of literally experiencing the emotions of others around them. For example, if someone is feeling depressed, a nearby empath will begin to also feel that way. They take on the emotions of others as though…

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