Questions to See if You’re an Empath

Tru's Diary

Hello, creatures.

This is just a short questionnaire I’m conducting to help others realize they are empaths or maybe learn a bit more about being one. Feel free to post your answers or email me. I won’t post your information anywhere without your permission, but I’ll probably be using some of the provided information for future posts/research.

  1. Do you get upset when others around you are upset?
  2. If someone you know or are close to becomes sick, do you feel the symptoms, even if you aren’t sick?
  3. If someone nearby gets hurt, do you feel their pain?
  4. Can you tell if someone is lying to you?
  5. Do you find watching the news difficult, especially when something violent is happening?
  6. Do people often come to you for advice?
  7. Do people say you just “get them”?
  8. Do you feel a strong connection to nature?
  9. Do you often sacrifice your own wants/needs for…

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