~Call it Coincidence…I Call it Serendipity~



[Words from the past]

 So, let me introduce myself.

I’m Aphrodite.

 Do I know you?

Have we ever met before?

 Who can tell?

People change.

 I am sure I know your face.

The tone of your voice is familiar.

 I could say the same.

It is strange.

 Indeed. Do you live close?

Maybe I have seen you around.

 I live in another city.

I came here for a few days.

 Me too.

I am leaving tomorrow.

 I enjoyed our talk.

Even though I still don’t know your name.


Now you have a reason to meet me again.

 How do you know this will happen?

You seem so sure.

 I see it in your eyes.

You asked for it.

 Someone would say you can read my mind.

If it is so, why do you leave?

 It is not the right time.

Neither for you, nor for me.

 I have to go.

Nice to meet you.

 Take care of yourself.

Till next time.


See you soon.


 [Words from the future]

 Do I know you?

 Have we ever met before?

 If not now, when?

 When the right time starts?

 Yesterday, now, tomorrow?

 How long does it last?

 You just know there is a reason.

You exist all over him.

He lives within you.

You both carry your story.

The one that ended there.

The one that lasted years.

Or just minutes.

The one that took a second to find.

Or a life to realize.

The one that will come one day.

When the coincidence decides.

When it is the right time.


Thursday, January 30, 2014



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