~Adjust Your Sails~


You cannot control circumstances, or control the manner in which others behave or feel towards you. You can do your very best, to make circumstances favorable in your view, behave and feel towards others in the same way or not the same way, you would hope or expect others to behave or feel  towards you. In the end however, no matter how hard you try to create favorable circumstances in your life, no matter how you behave or feel towards others, the only person you have control over, the only behaviors and feeling that you can control, are your own. Living in the moment, being mindful and present in your life, facing what life throws at you, despite the uncertainty of the terms, makes you prepared for whatever and whoever comes your way. It allows you to always have options, to let go of the “could have, should have, would have” thinking, that keeps you holding on to the past, and prevents you from seeing life or circumstances or people, as they are now. It’s “going with the flow,” and doing your best to “ride the wave,” and having faith in yourself, that with your intentions clear, your heart pure, and your focus in the right direction, no matter what “plot twists” may come your way, it is what it is, and you find the courage to adjust your sails, and let go of trying to sailing against the storm.



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