Broken Pieces of Assumption | Truth Seeker


Broken Pieces of Assumption

by Theo (CrypticPoet)

Melted, the waxed mold of me broke in two
as reality forced it off the table of no

Complacent or granted and taken, I was so
invincible we were or so I tricked myself
into believing.

Poor judgement fused regret to the steel
trap of my spinal column and my face rain
overwhelmed my keyboard as I reeled in
what little honor I had left.  It was not
much.  Forever is an awful long time and
that is the penance I’ve charged myself
with.  I don’t believe there is enough
time, this time to repair and clean up
my already damaged karma.

Our love used to be
and I thought stand up against all odds
if never broken.  That’s the problem
I have broken it with my naive mind &
heart.  And forever, I will die each day
I see read and Feel her.

And I accept
this punishment.  And would accept and
do more but I have yet to be released
of a promise.
However, this self-abasement may be
more lasting and much more painful and
not the pleasurable pain.

I think Spiritual and emotional pain
by far out last all other types.
And so it is with a heavy heart
I visit here each day for my daily dose
of pain.

Until I am released from the Promise
one way or another…


Written by Theo (CrypticPoet)___ © All rights reserved
Published  2013
All writing remains the property of the author. Don’t use it for any purpose without their permission.


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