Alice Houghton Greenwood

Alice Houghton Greenwood is related to me.

Dreams of our Ancestors

Two days ago I was looking at my genealogy and for whatever reason decided to see what I could find on my great-great-great grandparents, William and Alice (Houghton) Greenwood.  I already had census records for them from 1850 until their deaths, as well as birth and death dates and places from their gravestones in the American Fork cemetery in American Fork, Utah. My attention was focused primarily on my great-great-great-grandmother, though.

Besides the documentation I had found, there was a little bit more that I got from somewhere–I don’t know where, though. All I know is that it was not documented, so I always take this information with a grain of salt, and use it as a possibility–a hint, more or less–until I can find documentation that it is true or not.

What I knew

Alice Houghton was born 8 May 1823 in Clayton, Lancashire, England (from her gravestone). At…

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