April 4, 2015

You are lucky
to have a close family like that.

Your family is close too right?
At least your parents and you?

Not at all.

I’m sorry you aren’t close to your family. Their loss.
You’re amazing.

Amazing..lol…well thanks.

Hard to explain.
You’re genuine and direct.
You are unique.
You are tough…
but a softie at the same time.
You’re unapologeticicaly…
not afraid to be you.
You’re intelligent and experienced.
Some people would call that “wise.”
So far I’ve never seen you just give up
or wallow in self doubt
or pity.
All pretty awesome.

Thank you.
I’m not used to those things being validated at all.

No problem.
it gives you a deeper view
into how I see you.
I use simple words to describe things, but there is a bit underneath the surface.
I’m not the greatest with words.

I knew that when I met you.
You don’t need to be.