December 29, 2013

If it wasn’t for you…I would never believe a 50 year old witch wanted to jump my bones,
Or that a gay asshole envied me.
And I would have a much shallower belief about undercurrents of human decision making…
And who knows…I might have a felony on my record.
So thank you for the non-tangible gifts you have given me that are much more valuable than anything that is measured by currency.
You have truly added to my depth.
And helped explain…
Probably the single most annoying thing I beat my head against.
I just opened the box you sent!!!
I looove all the printed quotes…by far my favorite part of it all.
It was insanely thoughtful…I have NO idea how much time you spent putting it all together.
But it was by far one of the most thoughtful gifts…
Probably the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever received.
I’m interested in the stories behind some of it…Most I get.
And I had to set the packing aside to make sure I missed nothing.
Honestly, the most valuable thing you have given me Natalie…
And this may seem trivial to you.
Even when it is hard for me to accept…
Is that people act often not out of what they know.
Or what they want to do.
But who they are.
Which is a culmination of many things not even on a conscious level.
It makes so much more sense out of a life where I am constantly annoyed and frustrated with others.
But at the same time.
Now I see it in myself.
This knowledge is power to do good.
Avoid costly mistakes.
It is a much greater gift…
Than you will ever know.


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