~The Job That Changed My Life~

October 7, 2014


I recently returned to my hometown of Ogden, after living in Seattle for the last 8 years. I making a fresh start here in Utah, raising my 3 year old Autistic son with the support of my family and friends here at home.

After finishing graduate school, I spent most of my career working in crisis response and intervention services. My brain is wired for multitasking and working well under pressure. I have a knack for remaining detail oriented under stressful circumstances, and am able to retain large amounts of information which needs to be recalled in split second time. Keeping up and performing well in a fast paced work environment, is what I do best.

I decided to take a leap of faith last fall, and walked away from the security of the kind of work I had done my entire professional life. I did this knowing that my talents and skills would create new opportunities, if I dared to take a risk and be open to whatever life had in store for me. I wanted to do something different. Honoring that was the best decision that I have ever made.

For the last year, my son, my cat, my dog, and I have been roadtripping around the country, and I have been writing about our adventures and all of the amazing people and places we were able to meet and see along the way. We returned to Utah in August, and I found a job (where I currently work part time) working with a local urban farmer harvesting and selling produce, and creating a new marketing campaign for his small urban farm business. I love photography, am fascinated at finding ways to use social media for small business and non profit advertising, and I wanted to learn how urban farms work and continue learning how to create successful marketing campaigns.

Without a strong sense of passion, my life would have no purpose. Passion fuels everything that I do. It sparks my creativity, gives me courage to take  leaps of faith, and allows me to continue discovering new things, new places, and new opportunities in my life. I am drawn to others who share this sense of passion and purpose, and reading your job posting ad, my sense is that you are someone who has this kind of passion for life and work to.

Coffee? Where do I even begin! Every morning for 8 years, my dog and I ventured out onto Broadway Avenue, a block away from our apartment in the Seattle neighborhood of Capitol Hill for the most perfectly roasted, brewed, or pressed cup of coffee. Vivace, Roy Street Coffee, and Dillenttante, were a few of our favorites, and we repeated this ritual sometimes several times in a day.

I take my coffee black with light ice (to cool it off), so the quality of my cup is of paramount importance to me. I have always wanted to work as a Barista in a local coffee shop. To work with people who share my passion for coffee, to offer my talents and skills to help this coffee passion turn into profit, to grow within a group of people who have the entrepreneurial and visionary spirit that small business owners so often do…

Well I can honestly think of nothing more lovely and exciting than that.



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