So you may shine
Stepping in
The spot light
From the dark night
Or so you think
As you drink
From the flask
Behind the mask
Of ego
I am incognito
Watching you
Through and through
As you climb
This paradigm
Of powerless power
In a towerless tower
Hour by hour
The higher you go
Hour by hour
The lesser you know
And yet I allow
This now
For when towers crumble
And egos humble
And you are falling
I’ll hear you calling
Catch me
Hold me
Love me
And I’ll reply
To clarify
Until there is no tower
You will have no power
And that is why
I feed your lie
Everytime you cower
Upon destruction of your tower.
One day
May you say
You are my power
And in that hour
May you see
You are me
We are we
And that is all


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