~The Fork in Your Road~

I see the man
Aware of me
Aware of
The dichotomy
Of this way
And that way
On one hand
Listening to
What they say
“This is how its supposed to be”
Says he
Some days
Other days
The fire
Of desire
To walk
Another way.

On the other hand
Theres no listening to
What they say
Out loudly
“I honor a different way”
Says he
Some days
Other days
The fire
May dim
Within him
If what he knows
Becomes not
What he chose
Silently opposed
He will stay.
Quietly grey
He will say
“I was brave enough to know the other way.”



I nearly missed
The leaves this year
Thier colors falling
Thier cycles calling
For me
To pay attention
To my apprehension
Of seasons
The bittersweet
That comes
With the frost
When all seems lost
The suffering cost
Reveals to me
The sacred reminder
Of this valiant fighter
Who walks amongst
The light
“Do not forsake
Even when
you break
Wide Open and
Frozen in awe
You withdraw”
I shake my head
For I am aware
Of this thred weaving
The deep believing
Of lesson once learned
Until feeling the burn
Of inattention
Then intervention
Felt painfully raw
In the winter withdraw
Now clearly i see
You will forever be
Blinded by darkness
Not worth the fight
For defeat is unknown
To a warrior of the light


~Words of Encouragement~






I hope this will encourage you to stop all of your bullshit claims of regular exercise and successful business ventures, and I hope you find happiness in accepting yourself as the overweight, arrogant,  and materialistic person that you truly are.

Eat More.

Spend More.

Bitch Less.

~You Are My True Adventure~

We Love Only True Adventure

You are right about how we must never elude, never be vague. That we must always be honest with each other. This means that we understand why it must be this way for both of us. I am not afraid of people walking out of my life, people usually do,. I am also aware afraid of how those that do, may hurt me.

I believe if they do walk away, at whichever time they choose to do so, it is how it was always supposed to be. How it would have always been. It doesn’t mean that their absence won’t hurt me, because it very well may break my heart. But this is a risk I choose to take.

To me, when someone decides their part in my story, and my part in theirs is over…

the how, the when, and the why, are not the questions that matter. It doesn’t mean that I feel the same way or see things the same as they do, or that I will watch them walk away without putting up a fight, but what matters most to me is this…

No matter how I had hoped their part in my story would be, how I hoped it would be, or thought it may be, it is that at any given moment, I believe it is exactly how it was supposed to be. This is how the Universe intended it to be. This is how it should be. I  trust in that.

You are not a just a coincidence to me. No matter what I am or am not to you, I am thankful that I have come to believe there are no such things as coincidences.  I would feel this way if I shared only one day with you,  or if we shared a lifetime. I would be blessed to have shared these moments with you. Moments that will always be among the most meaningful moments of my life.

I am uncertain why I feel this way about you. All I know is that at this moment, this place, this time, no matter whatever this is, or whatever it becomes, it is how it is was always meant to be.

You must know that whatever I am or whatever I become to you, who I will be in your life, what part I will play in your story, how I will influence your journey, is something that only you have the power to decide.

You are the only one who can allow me in, or shut me out. Trust me on this.

Whatever you are or whatever you become to me, who you will be in my life, what part you will play in my story, how you will influence my journey, is something only I have the power to decide.

I am the only one who can allow you in, or shut you out. Trust me on this.

We will never make the choice for the other.

I ask that you not be guided by a fear of if or how you may hurt me. My reactions are beyond your control, and you do not have the power to create or change them. No matter how much you want to, or how much you try to do so. I ask that you not allow fear to determine how you engage with me. I will always be ok, and I know you will too.

I am someone who has learned to feel safe in uncertainty, fear, and chaos. I let go of being tied to outcomes and expectations, let go of being tied to destinations, and I have learned how to navigate my journey without being dependent on a map.

I believe that if my intent is as it should be, if my heart is where it should be, if I remain mindful of the moral code I have created for myself and honor it, if I am aware of my own “truths,” and remain mindful that my “truths” are not the “truths” of others…that wherever I go, wherever I end up, whatever the outcome of my journey may be…I am where I was always meant to be.

I do not believe my fate or destiny is in the hands of anyone else. We can change the direction of our path at any time. We are not walking a path with a predetermined destination. And not knowing where I will end up or when and how I will get there, is perfectly acceptable to me.

I believe that I (and you…) just by being who we are, have the power to mind fuck the Universe somehow …in a butterfly effect kind of way. Maybe we don’t. Maybe we do. You are evidence that the Universe listens, and that the answers are always made known to me, if I only pay attention and trust these answers will come. I needed to be reminded that there are others who are like me, who experience and understand life differently.

I needed reassurance that I am not in danger of living superficially, that I can share a connection with others, and that they can share this same connection with me. There are people who get it…who get me….who can learn to deal with my world of colorful intensity. There are people who will not label me as crazy, as a way to give meaning to what they don’t understand.

I crave a connection with someone on the same emotional wave length as me, and I share this kind of connection with you. I thank you for reassuring me of that. I needed to experience how it feels again.

You make perfect sense to me. I think you are amazing as you are now.

There is no fixing. There is only healing.

And that matters. It matters a lot.

For you, for this moment…

I am very grateful.

I gave a shout out to the Universe.
The Universe listened.

I believe that your story…

your life…

your journey…

will be one amazing adventure to me.

And that my story…

my life…

my journey…will be one amazing adventure to you.


~You Are Where My Story Began~


My Story is still unfolding.

It is changing me.

It is changing who I am.

It is showing me.

It is showing me who I am.

My Story is still unfolding.

It is teaching me.

It is teaching me who I am.

It is reminding me.

It is reminding me what I am.

My Story is still unfolding.

Without you I will go on.

With you I will always be.

For The Story of Us….

Began The Story of Me.


~Real Love Letters~


“A real love letter is made of insight, understanding, and compassion. Otherwise it’s not a love letter. A true love letter can produce a transformation in the other person, and therefore in the world. But before it produces a transformation in the other person, it has to produce a transformation within us. Some letters may take the whole of our lifetime to write.”

~Thích Nhất Hạnh

~Texas July 2014~

~Alice and The White Knight~ Through the Looking Glass, by Lewis Carroll


Chapter 8. It’s My Own Invention
Through the Looking Glass, by Lewis Carroll


As the Knight sang the last words of the ballad, he gathered up the reins, and turned his horse’s head along the road by which they had come. ‘You’ve only a few yards to go,’ he said, ‘down the hill and over that little brook, and then you’ll be a Queen–But you’ll stay and see me off first?’ he added as Alice turned with an eager look in the direction to which he pointed. ‘I shan’t be long. You’ll wait and wave your handkerchief when I get to that turn in the road! I think it’ll encourage me, you see.’

‘Of course I’ll wait,’ said Alice: ‘and thank you very much for coming so far–and for the song–I liked it very much.’

‘I hope so,’ the Knight said doubtfully: ‘but you didn’t cry so much as I thought you would.’

So they shook hands, and then the Knight rode slowly away into the forest. ‘It won’t take long to see him off, I expect,’ Alice said to herself, as she stood watching him. ‘There he goes! Right on his head as usual! However, he gets on again pretty easily–that comes of having so many things hung round the horse–‘ So she went on talking to herself, as she watched the horse walking leisurely along the road, and the Knight tumbling off, first on one side and then on the other. After the fourth or fifth tumble he reached the turn, and then she waved her handkerchief to him, and waited till he was out of sight.

‘I hope it encouraged him,’ she said, as she turned to run down the hill: ‘and now for the last brook, and to be a Queen! How grand it sounds!’ A very few steps brought her to the edge of the brook. ‘The Eighth Square at last!’ she cried as she bounded across,

and threw herself down to rest on a lawn as soft as moss, with little flowerbeds dotted about it here and there. ‘Oh, how glad I am to get here! And what is this on my head?’ she exclaimed in a tone of dismay, as she put her hands up to something very heavy, that fitted tight all around her head.

‘But how can it have got there without my knowing it?’ she said to herself, as she lifted it off, and set in on her lap to make out what it could possibly be.

It was a golden crown.

~Victims and The Cynics~


I give more credence to the point of view and voice of the victims…

than I do to that of a random cynic.

Maybe you should to.


The Selfists Strike Back (with a damp sponge)

Peter Hitchen



I was struck by the unusual poverty of the objections to the posting on the family wrecked after a child smoked cannabis, and the problem of ‘anecdotes’.

Take for instance the lofty contribution from Colin Walker:

Anecdotal evidence is never enough to make a case, even with a case by case analysis of anecdotes to discern patterns it would not give you any valid indications on how common, likely and severe the reactions can be.

I always find it amusing that people like Peter will give credence to negative anecdotes. They are seen to have some weight while the anecdotal evidence of millions of users indicating neutral or positive reactions is dismissed.’

Wouldn’t that depend on the case being made? Recall what I said ; ‘Beyond asking if any rational, responsible  person would or could  pursue cannabis legalisation or ‘regulation’ or ‘decriminalisation’ until such ‘anecdotes’ could be explained, I make no further comment.’

Surely even one such anecdote (let alone the thousands available, among the parents, friends and relatives of these victims) should give pause to anyone campaigning to remove the existing restrictions on the drug concerned?

I also have to point out again to those naïve enough to think that research is carried out constantly on a broad front about everything that is interesting, and is disinterestedly directed, that this is not so. I would be overjoyed if the state would pay for a full-scale research project on the effects of cannabis, especially on the young. There is no such project. One has to ask why not.  In its absence, we have to make what warnings we can, with the information we have.

Then there’s John Rowe, who asserts :’ I really wish Peter wouldn’t bother with these kinds of posts, because they’re so intellectually dishonest and have nothing to do with the real reasons he’s opposed to cannabis use. It wouldn’t influence his opinion one way or the other if it were proven beyond doubt that cannabis never led to mental health issues or if it always did, so there’s no point trying to discuss harm issues with him.’

I use the arguments that come to hand. In a world that doesn’t believe in sin, let alone that it is bad,  there’s little point in telling people not to commit it. In a world given over to self-indulgence which doesn’t believe in the immortal soul, it is not going to be very effective to tell people that it is morally wrong and may have eternal consequences. It happens to be the case (and this is itself interesting) that moral wrongs pretty much invariably lead to various forms of temporal, material damage as well as to those deeper consequences. If this is what I must stress to keep people away from folly, then I will do so. Personally, I have no doubt that the ‘anecdotal’ link would, if subjected to proper research and testing, be shown to be real. As I’ve said before, it is hardly a surprise that a mind-altering drug of some power has a long-lasting effect on the brain .

As for ‘complete dominion’ over ‘someone’s flesh’, only one authority has that, and the user of the phrase does not, I think, accept that authority. The law, on the other hand , can – even in the secular moral system –  concern itself with actions which harm others. I have many times explained here why self-destruction is not and cannot be a victimless crime. Indeed, the post to which I linked showed quite clearly who the victims are, and how they suffer, how deeply and how long. It would take a head of concrete and a heart of plywood to fail to see this.

Mr Knight’s posting, incoherent, clichéd, self-serving (How does he know it hasn’t done him any harm? How can he know what he might have been and done otherwise?) and rambling as it is, undermines his own case brilliantly.

Then there is :’ The millions of anecdotes from addicts of various substances mean nothing to you so I assume this anecdotal evidence means nothing either. Afterall I would hate you to be inconsistent in your views Peter.’

That is because a moral concept cannot be transformed into a material illness (the heart of the ‘addiction’ argument)  by any number of anecdotes. It is precisely because lobbyists for ‘addiction’ make such an extravagant claim that they must be subject to such severe tests, which of course they cannot pass, but they get terribly cross when told so. They wish to use pseudoscience to shut up anyone who refuses to accept their (rather squalid) moral position. Any informed person can see that it *is* pseudoscience.

, but of course many gullible peopel are fooled by pseudoscience and Graeco-Latin expressions, , so any dissentient vocie must be furiously attacked lest the truth get out

My claim ( see above) is far more modest. There is enough anecdote to discourage any irreversible change in the laws controlling the suspect drugs, and to justify the extensive, expensive research needed to establish whether there is in fact a danger.

And finally, from another lobby wounded by me: ‘In response to Mr. Hitchens’s piece some weeks ago on dyslexia, a significant number of people posted comments outlining their personal experiences of suffering from dyslexic symptoms despite the majority having had perfectly good educations. In the interests of consistency, is Mr. Hitchens planning to take those anecdotes on board and re-consider his view that dyslexia doesn’t exist?’

The question with ‘dyslexia’ is not whether people have trouble with reading, which is beyond doubt, but why they do, and whether this is caused by a complaint in their physical bodies called ‘dyslexia’. Therefore a million anecdotes, or indeed a million peer-reviewed accounts of people describing their own reading problems, would not resolve the issue. What would resolve it would be controlled tests, in which those claiming to be ‘dyslexic’ were taught to read using Synthetic Phonics. When, after a few months ( as would certainly be the case) , they could all read, we could all go home, and the people in the control groups, who were being ‘treated’ for dyslexia could be given SP lessons too.

The question here is whether there is enough of a reason to launch a major research project into the effects of cannabis, and  enough of a reason to hesitate before irreversibly abandoning existing laws against cannabis.


Only a dogged, dogmatic, and unreasoning adherence to a cause could make anyone confuse the two.


Oddly enough, that cause is always the same, whether it be cannabis, ‘dyslexia’ , ‘addiction’ or, ‘ADHD’  – it is the cause that demands absolute personal autonomy, and the cause which denies personal responsibility for actions and failures. It is the most powerful cause in modern civilisation, and it is so intertwined with selfish personal desires that it hates with a passion any voice which suggests it may be wrong. It hates, especially, the idea that there may be a God and any absolute source of law or goodness. I call it ‘Selfism’.


Oh, by the way, if the incidence of the problems apparently connected with cannabis was random and unpredictable, the number of those not suffering (or claiming not to suffer) problems from using this drug would have little bearing on the question at issue, which is, simply, whether we should show natural caution and exercise natural curiosity.